Heckler & Koch P7

The 1972 Munich Olympics caused serious problems for West German police, as they realised that they needed to find a weapon which was more suitable for their needs. They called for a light, powerful and durable handgun which used the impressive 9mm cartridge. Three companies offered their designs, and by 1979, the P7 had been born. The all-steel design looks uncompromisingly handsome, and yet the P7 has been used in relatively few films. Alan Rickman's villainous character Hans Gruber in Die Hard is probably the most well-known usage of the P7, and at the climax of the film he uses it to threaten McClane into submission. The 9mm cartridge is used for this handgun - check out the link!!
Heckler & Koch P7

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Just about the most prevalent cartridge in the world today, surely everyone has heard of a 9mm - be it in the battlefield as the standard NATO handgun cartridge or the mean streets of your local ghetto, the 9mm Luger/Parabellum is absolutely everywhere. Introduced in 1902 the 9mm has become accepted world-wide as the de facto handgun round, boosted in the 80's with the US Army's adoption of the M9 (essentially a Beretta 92F), which uses these 9x19mm cartridges. Beloved of rappers, cops, robbers and just about every armed force...

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Die Hard

The first Die Hard film starts when a group of German terrorists, lead by Hans Gruber, take a group of hostages at Nakatomi Plaza. They aim to hold off the police for long enough to break into the vault. However, New York police detective John McClane manages to hide from the terrorists, and starts to take them down individually. But are the FBI going to cause problems by forcing their way in from the outside? Die Hard 2 shows ex-army general Colonel Stuart's attempts to reinstate an imprisoned dictator. He...

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