Glock 22

The Glock 22 is one of the more popular defence pistols in production and is consistently used by the police forces in America. Why? Put simply, it's incredibly reliable. The Austrian company first released this gun in 1990, and redeveloped its typical hangun for a .40 S&W cartridge. The cold steel structure hides an impressive interior which consistently fires bullets at velocities of about 350 m/s. Famed for its excellent handling thanks to a strong hand grip, this is a powerful firearm which works perfectly for law enforcement officers due to its no-nonsense approach. The Glock company may have started out as a specialist in quality knives, but it has now gained worldwide appreciation as an excellent arms producer. They are renowned for the "safe action" trigger, which ensures that the gun can only be fired when the trigger is pulled. Although the FBI often distributes this firearm amongst its agents, they are not often seen in films due to the preferences of the studios for an easier conversion to blank-fire.... Like it? Then get yourself a 40 S&W!!
Glock 22

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40 S&W

Now, this is one fascinating cartridge..... it's only been around since 1990, a mere babe in comparison to most other cartridges but already it's sewn up most of the law enforcement market in the US, and when you look at the history behind it, it's hardly surprising. Turn the clock back to April 11, 1986, and the seeds for the 40's inception were sown: two hunted bank robbers are spotted by FBI agents, chased and a firefight ensues. With plenty of firepower and military training at their disposal, the felons...

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Law & Order

All modern police forces need high-quality, effective and reliable firearms to deal with various situations, ranging from arresting a suspect to controlling a terrorist. In the UK police hardly ever carry firearms, whereas in America they are virtually essential. The Glock 22, for example, is often seen as a perfectly-adapted weapon for law enforcment, as is the SIG Sauer P220 - they're lightweight, trusty and easy to conceal. Since 9/11, the threat from terrorists has grown around the world, and more firepower is required to prepare for the possibilities of...

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