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All modern police forces need high-quality, effective and reliable firearms to deal with various situations, ranging from arresting a suspect to controlling a terrorist. In the UK police hardly ever carry firearms, whereas in America they are virtually essential. The Glock 22, for example, is often seen as a perfectly-adapted weapon for law enforcment, as is the SIG Sauer P220 - they're lightweight, trusty and easy to conceal. Since 9/11, the threat from terrorists has grown around the world, and more firepower is required to prepare for the possibilities of an attack. Special police forces have also been introduced in recent years, such as bomb disposal squads; these groups can deal with anything from crisis situations to recently-discovered mines from previous wars. A modern police force is also not complete without a Forensics unit. There are over 12,000 Forensic scientists in America alone, who work with the limited evidence at a crime scene to piece together facts about the criminal. Below you can find a selectioin of weapons chosen by law enforcement agencies.