SIG Sauer P226

The beautiful Sig Sauer P226 was in the final two (along with the Beretta 92) when the Army need to replace the ageing M1911 in the 80s. Ultimately, it came down to price and the Beretta edged it to become the Army's M9. Having said that, Navy SEALs decided to upgrade to P226s later on so that must count for something when it comes to praise.... They are now used around the world by a huge number of military and police forces in several variants - and have a big following in both US homeland security circles and the British military....
SIG Sauer P226

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Just about the most prevalent cartridge in the world today, surely everyone has heard of a 9mm - be it in the battlefield as the standard NATO handgun cartridge or the mean streets of your local ghetto, the 9mm Luger/Parabellum is absolutely everywhere. Introduced in 1902 the 9mm has become accepted world-wide as the de facto handgun round, boosted in the 80's with the US Army's adoption of the M9 (essentially a Beretta 92F), which uses these 9x19mm cartridges. Beloved of rappers, cops, robbers and just about every armed force...

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James Bond is the typical gentleman agent, a British servant of MI6 who is forever chasing enemies of the Secret Service. It all started in 1962 with Dr. No, when Bond had to protect an American space launch from a scheming villain. Since then, Bond has uncovered many plots and killed numerous agents - and he's met a few women along the way as well. The release of Skyfall marks the 50th anniversary of the blockbuster series.

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