Heckler & Koch USP

In 1989, Heckler & Kock were looking for a successor to the P7 handgun. They were looking for something which was still small and reliable - perfect for law enforcement. Within four years, the USP was finished. Three different varieties were available, the most recent of which was the .45 cartridge version. This was used by the expert assassin Desh, who was called upon to kill Bourne in Bourne Ultimatum. The USP's greatest talking point is its ability to be converted to specific needs, through trigger adjustments. The smart black polymer frame is impressively solid, and is integral to its remarkable durability. It's still manufactured today, which is a testament to its excellence - even if it is still a relatively young pistol. Check out the .45 bullet link!!
Heckler & Koch USP

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45 ACP

Designed by (guess who) John Browning, specifically for what ended up being the iconic Colt M1911 this is still an industry standard cartridge more than a hundred years after its introduction. After a poor showing in the Philippines, the Army realized its .38 pistols just weren't up to the job and needed a real "man-stopper", with trials on live cattle, deer and human cadavers(!) showing that a .45 was the way forward. Put simply, the larger diameter causes more damage and disabling targets more effectively. It has a few downsides though...

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Law & Order

All modern police forces need high-quality, effective and reliable firearms to deal with various situations, ranging from arresting a suspect to controlling a terrorist. In the UK police hardly ever carry firearms, whereas in America they are virtually essential. The Glock 22, for example, is often seen as a perfectly-adapted weapon for law enforcment, as is the SIG Sauer P220 - they're lightweight, trusty and easy to conceal. Since 9/11, the threat from terrorists has grown around the world, and more firepower is required to prepare for the possibilities of...

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Bourne discovers some secrets to his identity through his only clue - the account number to a bank vault in Switzerland. He realises he is a skilled fighter when he is attacked, and discovers passports linking him to various different people. These aliases hint that he worked for a secret agency, but he cannot be sure. A CIA group is on his trail, and the agents seem desperate to keep him away from the truth. He eventually learns that he trained as an assassin for the American secret service, and...

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