Belgium's greatest armament manufacturer is undisputably Fabrique Nationale. In 1954, they released the FN FAL, which soon became one of the most iconic battle rifles of all time. Since then, over two million have been manufactured and distributed worldwide. It was rejected by American armies after extensive research, and the M14 rifle was chosen instead. Nonetheless, the FN FAL took off in other areas of the world, gaining popularity in over 70 countries. Since then, it has fallen out of favour in comparison to other weapons, and is only still produced in Brazil. The gas-operated system allows for a high-velocity shot, projecting a .308 cartridge up to 600 metres. It was the rifle of choice for the Irish Defence Forces for nearly 30 years, and also saw use in the Irish Troubles. Get yourself a .308 by clicking the link!

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308 Winchester

First introduced in 1952, the .308 Winchester is the commercial version of the military 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. It's extremely accurate, which is one of the main reasons along with its power that it is commonly used in military sniper rifles and police sharp-shooter rifles. With its widespread availability, it has grown to become one of the most popular and prevalent cartridges in the world and you will find it just as much in big-game hunting circles as military applications. It can be found in numerous firearms and movies here on...

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Lieutenant Vincent Hanna is desperate to find Neil McCauley and his group of expert robbers, who have stolen far too much to go unnoticed. Eventually, the police uncover an incriminating trail linking him to a $1.6 million armoured car heist. For the first time, the group has failed, and now the cops are onto them. When the thieves try again, this time with the prospect of a $12 million 'retirement' jackpot keeping them going, the police intercept their messages and prepare an ambush. Hanna is a skilled detective. McCauley is...

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