Desert Eagle

The ultimate movie gun. After three years of development with Israel Military Industries, this powerful gun was released to the world in 1982. They collaborated with America’s Magnum Research, in an attempt to produce a gas-operated handgun. This is a far larger and heavier specimen than many other semi-automatic pistols, and as such it is not commonly used in modern combat. However, it is very popular for competition shooting, and has featured in nearly 500 blockbuster films. It is a true celebrity among firearms...
Desert Eagle

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.50 Action Express

The massively powerful round fired by the Desert Eagle - a big, brash, expensive and hard to control handgun.... So how come they are so cool? Whether you've seen these waved around by the agents in the Matrix, or watched Vinnie Jones monologuing on the subject of his "point five oh" you'll know they are the ultimate show off movie gun. And so hard to come by in the UK! We've only got limited stocks of these so if you want to see what all the fuss is about get one...

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In the first film, Thomas Anderson slowly learns that humans are living in a fake, simulated world, blinded to reality by the machines who control them. His tutor, Morpheus, takes him into the real world, showing him the truth. Neo is then taught that there are secretive 'Agents' who want to stop him rebelling against the system. When their leader Morpheus is captured because he thinks Neo is more important than himself, the team start to lose hope in ever defeating the machines. Is Neo 'the One' who can end...

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