M1918 BAR

In 1917 America joined the First World War, desperately searching for a high-quality firearm to issue to their troops. Luckily for them, the greatest gun manufacturing pioneer in history, John Browning, had just created two new guns. One of these was the Browning Automatic Rifle, which he demonstrated with great success in Washington. The 300-strong crowd agreed that the weapon was excellent, and it was soon chosen to be distributed among American troops. The rushed production naturally resulted in some problems with the first set of guns, but these were soon sorted out. The M1918 BAR was used by Americans until the 1960s, and it also saw service during the Second World War with the British Home Guard. The great 30-06 bullet was part of Browning's original plans for the gun.
M1918 BAR

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30-06 Springfield

Here's the daddy - the largest "standard" cartridge we do, so if you've got a lot to say or just want the coolest bullet on the list, say hello. Introduced in 1906 for use by the US Army, the massive 30-06 set a standard that meant it was in constant use up until the end of the 1960s - although it's popularity in sporting and hunting circles means that it's still a very popular cartridge today. The punch it packs means that it is seen as being at the upper limit...

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World Wars

The First World War caused devastation across Europe, and over 70 million soldiers were involved in the fighting. It's near-impossible to summarise such an event, and there was no single cause of this war. Unsatisfactory peace settlements from World War I were probably the greatest influence on the start of the Second World War. The Wall Street Crash was also a major factor, as it caused severe unemployment in Germany. In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, expecting Britain and France to let him get away with it as they had before....

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