Terminator 1 & 2

In the future, machines will control the planet, under the power of the immense Skynet. The Terminator has gone back in time, and is under orders to kill Sarah Connor - the mother of the future rebel John Connor, who will lead a strong resistance against Skynet. John orders a soldier to defend him, by saving his mother. In the second film, known as Judgement Day, a highly-advanced Terminator is once more attempting to kill John Connor. This time, it's the newly updated T-1000, which is going to murder John Connor while he's still a child. The T-1000 is specially-adapted to shape-shift into any human shape, due to its liquid metal form. For this reason, it can also 'heal' faster than the other Terminator machines. However, he is now protected by a redesigned Terminator, the 800 series. Meanwhile, Sarah Connor is determined to destroy Skynet before it is created. "I'll be back." Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.