COP 357 Derringer

This small pistol packs a mean punch, in the form of the mighty .357 Magnum cartridge. Its main advantage was therefore as a back-up firearm, perhaps for police officers. That being said, the Derringer is surprisingly heavy. It's also severely criticised by gun collectors as an ugly, untrustworthy monster... yet people still buy them. Why? Probably due to their frequent use in popular movies, most noticeably Blade Runner and The Matrix Reloaded. These guns also look completely unique, with a durable stainless steel finish. They're certainly not your average firearm, partly because they have four barrels. Love it or hate it, most people agree that the cartridges themselves are undisputably excellent. These .357 Magnum bullets are renowned for their ability to incapacitate the enemy, and they look pretty nice too.
COP 357 Derringer

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357 Magnum

The .357 Magnum is a revolver cartridge based on the .38 Special (previously a popular police cartridge) and was developed in the 30's so villains couldn't hide behind car doors during shootouts any more - this bad boy would just go straight through! There are a couple of notable weapons in which you'll see this cartridge, the achingly beautiful Colt Python and the utterly mental COP 357 Derringer - follow the links to find out more.... If you're looking at this site wondering which calibre to go for as you...

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In the first film, Thomas Anderson slowly learns that humans are living in a fake, simulated world, blinded to reality by the machines who control them. His tutor, Morpheus, takes him into the real world, showing him the truth. Neo is then taught that there are secretive 'Agents' who want to stop him rebelling against the system. When their leader Morpheus is captured because he thinks Neo is more important than himself, the team start to lose hope in ever defeating the machines. Is Neo 'the One' who can end...

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