Fight Club

In the basement of a local bar, two men set up a 'fight club' for their own amusement - it's violent, but harmless. However, as it gains serious popularity with the locals, the leaders realise that they have the power to make a difference. The two men both realise that they both despise American consumerism, and the power the wealthy have over everyone else. The fight club grows as frustrated men seek an outlet for their anger. Tyler sets up an influential revolutionary organisation called Project Mayhem, and people start signing up. Then he disappears, and the other members of the Project hear rumours of a plot he had prepared to destroy an important financial area of the city. Many agree with these plans, but when the police start to infiltrate the group, the narrator (who is never named) gets scared. He starts to realise how much danger he is in, and finally understands the truth about Tyler.