Dirty Harry

The murderer Scorpio has already killed one person, and is now demanding a $100,000 ransom - threatening to execute others if he isn't paid. After an unsuccessful investigation, Inspector Callahan is reluctantly told to take the money to Scorpio. A teenage girl is kidnapped, which only adds to the fears of the police. However, Harry is a skilled cop and takes a knife as well, eager for retribution. Harry is saved by his young assistant, and manages to wound Scorpio's leg. When they find him again, he tortures the killer by standing on his injured leg, He quickly gets a confession, but the courts argue that the killer cannot be charged because Callahan had no search warrant before he entered Scorpio's house. Callahan is then told to leave the killer alone, much to his own frustration. What will Scorpio do next, now Harry isn't around to stop him? Starring Clint Eastwood.