Rambo is an expert in combat and survival skills. He struggles to come to terms with normal life in America, and moves to Hope in search of an easy job. However, the local sheriff dislikes Rambo, and orders him to leave the town. The war hero refuses and resists arrest, before escaping to the nearby forest. A flashback triggers some harsh memories of the battles in Vietnam, and Rambo struggles to deal with the psychological trauma. As members of the local police force move in, the former soldier prepares to escape... In Part II, Rambo goes to Vietnam to locate American Prisoners of War. Against his orders, he rescues one from torture. The local army sends a patrol to find him and his co-worker, agent Co-Bao. The disastrous mission now means that the American government worker Murdock cannot rescue Rambo for fears of public criticism. Rambo is therefore captured and tortured by the Soviet-assisted Vietnamese. Will he ever break free?