The Matrix Trilogy

In the first film, Thomas Anderson slowly learns that humans are living in a fake, simulated world, blinded to reality by the machines who control them. His tutor, Morpheus, takes him into the real world, showing him the truth. Neo is then taught that there are secretive 'Agents' who want to stop him rebelling against the system. When their leader Morpheus is captured because he thinks Neo is more important than himself, the team start to lose hope in ever defeating the machines.

Is Neo 'the One' who can end the war, or will he simply be killed by the Agents like all the others? In the following films, Neo attempts to understand the Matrix. If he fails, and one of the Agents kills him, then the war will continue as before - and the humans will remain under the power of the machines.

The Matrix Reloaded is based around the protection of Zion, the last remaining human city, buried deep underground. Neo follows orders from the Oracle, and tries to find the Keymaker - a man who can lead him to the source of the Matrix. The two Twins are sent to attack Neo and his team, thus stopping them from helping the humans. Neo meets the Architect, the Matrix's creator, and is told that he has to reboot the Matrix for the human race to survive. In the final film, Neo is trapped by the Trainman.

Morpheus and Trinity talk to the Merovingian, who reluctantly agrees to release Neo. Meanwhile the Smiths are gaining strength; they soon take over the Oracle and so learn to see the future. Bane has also been assimilated by the Smiths, and attacks Neo and Trinity. Neo meets the master of the machines, and demands freedom for Zion. They agree taht in return, Neo must defeat the Smiths. But with the Smiths in such large numbers, how can Neo ever win?