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Film: 007
Where to start? 23 movies, 7 actors... 1 agent. That all adds up to make one of the biggest movie series of all time.
Film: Apocalypse Now
The American forces in Vietnam attempt to kill the mentally unstable ex-soldier Kurtz, before he can do further damage.
Film: Bourne Trilogy
Jason Bourne lies on the deck of a ship, unconcious and slowly dying. He has no memory of what happened to him, or who he is.
Film: Die Hard
New York Policeman John McClane is determined to protect America against threats from various terrorists, at any cost.
Film: Dirty Harry
Harry Callahan is on the trail of an insane killer called Scorpio. Every day another person is murdered - so there's no time to lose.
Film: Fight Club
An amateur fight club grows into a powerful revolutionary group called Project Mayhem, which aims to destroy business.
Film: Full Metal Jacket
A new group of recruits is training to join the US troops in the Vietnam War, but life as a soldier is harder than they first thought.
Film: Heat
When a bank heist goes wrong, and the police are on the tail of the criminals, there's only one way to escape... with a gunfight.
Film: Matrix Trilogy
In the future, it is said that one man will destroy the machines who control the world, because he will learn to master the 'Matrix'.
Film: Predator
A rescue mission to Central America is interrupted by the powerful Predator, and the commandos are forced to fight for their lives.
Film: Pulp Fiction
A great American crime movie showing the lives of mob hitmen on the job, and two thieves preparing for a restaurant hiest.
Film: Rambo: First Blood
Rambo is a Vietnam War veteran who struggles to settle back into the quiet life, resulting in a serious problem for the police.
Film: Reservoir Dogs
A twisting story of deceit and dishonesty. A diamond heist goes wrong, but nobody knows who was truly to blame.
Film: Scarface
Tony Montana is a Cuban who gets rich thanks to the prosperous drugs trade, much to the anger of his enemies.
Film: Taxi Driver
Travis Bickle, a depressed ex-Marine, decides to fight crime and corruption on the streets of Manhattan - using force if necessary.
Film: Terminator 1 & 2
The Terminator assassins are under orders to stop John Connor's rebellion against the machines who control the world.