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Gifts for Gamers - Engrave a name or gamertag on a real bullet!

What should you buy a computer gamer as a gift?

You already know that gamers are a tricky group to buy presents for as they're usually tech savvy, have everything, and in the case of teenagers - notoriously hard to impress.

Good work if you've found this site though!

If you need something completely unique then a personlised, engraved bullet surely has to be just the thing to crack a smile on the most sullen of faces - and if given as a gift will instantly make you the giver that most precious of things......... "Cool."

Which bullet and what should I get engraved?

Every gamer worth their salt will have favourite weapons from the games they play, and they are more than likely to be the common armaments from the modern military. Guns such as the Beretta 92M4, M16, M134 and M240 are the main staples of most first-person-shooter (FPS) games which means they will be used to these calibres:

7.62x51mm (.308 Win)

Machine gun / sniper round used in the heavy stuff.

5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)

Standard assault rifle cartridge across the world. 

9x19mm Parabellum

Handgun cartridge used by all but Special forces (who like the .45 ACP). 

Or you could just choose a calibre from the the list on the left that you like the look of. Once you've decided on which one, get personalising! The calibre will determine the number of characters per line, and you've got up to four lines to fill if you want. You could engrave:

  • Their Name - the reason this site was started, and you can't go wrong with it.
  • Their GamerTag - huge kudos to you if you get their GamerTag (online nickname) on it. Huge.
  • A Message - Got something speciall to say or an occasion to mark? It'll always stay with them.


Cool gifts for teenage boys

All we need to say is that he'll definitely like it - and if you're looking for a gift around £10 for a teenage nephew or son then you've just found the way to become the talking point of the day.

Plus, you're pretty much guaranteed that no-one else is going to have got him the same thing so your only dilemma now is how you're going to top it next year!

If you're really struggling for which to go for, then maybe have a look in the movies section to find someone he might like best - then see what calibre the gun used in the movie is and away you go.

Can you imagine the expression if you say something like, "Well, I know how much you like the Bourne Trilogy so I here's a 45 ACP - of course you did know that's the calibre of the SIG Sauer P220 he uses in the Bourne Ultimatum didn't you?"