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 Got a question? Have a browse through these FAQs to see if we've got it covered already....

 I don't know anything about bullets - which should I get?
The easy option is got get a .357 Magnum in Nickel - they look great and are a perfect size. Just click the .357 Magnum picture on the left and go straight to the page.

Are they safe?
- they are made without any powder inside them, and finished off with a fired primer in the base so are completely inert.

Are they real?
Yes - they are made with genuine cartridge cases and bullet heads using a professional press. All they are missing is the powder inside and a live primer.

How many characters can you fit on each?
It depends on the calibre, although our default sizes allow for:
32 ACP - 12 characters
9mm - 13 characters
357 Magnum - 21 characters
40 S&W - 15 characters
44 Magnum - 21 characters
45 ACP - 15 characters
223 Remington - 25 characters
7.62x39mm - 18 characters
308 Winchester - 27 characters
30-06 Springfield - 34 characters

Do you take larger orders?
- if you are wanting multiples of the same item, perhaps as a promotional item or corporate gift etc, then check out the Corporate link at the top of the page to find out more about our business to business services.

Can you do logos?
- although bear in mind that not all will be suitable due to orientation and colouring. These would be done on a corporate basis so please use the corporate link above to find out more.

How long does it take to send and deliver my order?
It usually takes around three to five days to send to the UK, around a week to Europe and aroud a week to the rest of the world.........

Are they OK at airports?
We advise that you DON'T take them through security checkpoints at airports as several customers have had issues with confiscation. Whilst this is regrettable and somewhat heavy-handed, there is little alternative than to avoid the problem rather than facing it.

What if something is wrong with my engraving?
In the very unlikely circumstance we've got it wrong and the bullet doesn't match what what was ordered, feel free to contact us straight away and we will rectify the issue immediately (we'll required a photo at that point). If however the error was caused by the customer at the point of purchase we can't be held responsible for that.

How are they packaged?
Items are sent in the appropriate box as determined at the time of purchase and then put into a padded envelope for their journey.

Can I order from outside the UK ?
NO - we've tried hard and still continue to make efforts with the UK postal service but so far, all get stopped so we can't accept orders at this time. We are looking to open a branch in the US in the future to be able to fulfil US orders though so watch this space.

If you have any further questions please get in touch via the contact form using the link above